The Top 10 Songs On My Writing Playlist (With Videos)


Hey there! I’d like to share with you my current writing playlist today. This list is constantly changing, as I have a short attention span and need to hear new sounds every few weeks. However, these are some of my favorite songs right now to pump through the headphones while I write.

You should know two things before we get started:

1. I am writing a YA Fantasy with little romance at this part of the story, so my music reflects that. To put it vaguely, my MC is a bad ass teen superhero who has quite a few battle scenes and inner turmoil.

2. I DO listen to music with words while I write. There are many, many, many authors who are much more skilled than I am who would advise otherwise. I say do what makes you happy. There are no rules in our profession. Do what it takes to get your book written. The End.

Anyway, here we go, my top 10 writing songs as of August 25th, 2015:

1. Face The Fire – Michelle Chamuel 

2. Frontier – Doctor Vox (No words)

3. War Paint – FLETCHER

4. Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix) – Ella Henderson

5. 2AM – Astrid S

6. Omen – Disclosure

7. Genius – CAZZETTE

8. Enemy Fire – Bea Miller

9. Lionhearted – Porter Robinson

10. Take Flight – Lindsey Stirling



There you have it! Those are the top 10 songs in my writing playlist right now. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments or catch me on Twitter @NicoleLautore!

Happy Writing! 

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