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8 Addictive Habits of Happy Writers


Good morning, my darling! Long time no see. I uh…got a little busy there for a few weeks. Had to dust a few cobwebs off the corners of the blog, but I’m so happy to be back! And with a brand new logo, I might add. Turns out I’ve picked up a new project as […]


Defining Your Writer’s Voice For Beginners

Defining Your Writers Voice via Nicole Lautore

Hello there beautiful human! Thank you so much for taking the time to set aside your books, coffee mugs, and works-in-progress for a brief lesson in Writer’s Voice. This is a vital topic for you to learn in the early stages of becoming a writer, and for you to keep learning about throughout your career. Your Writer […]


5 Ways FanFiction Improves Your Writing Skills

5 Ways FanFiction Can Improve Your Writing by Nicole Lautore

Who doesn’t love a good Fanfiction? I’m a big fan of Dermione love stories and pretty much any crossover imaginable. I spent countless hours as a preteen writing Harry Potter/Twilight crossovers where Harry kills Edward Cullen, and I probably read more Fanfics than I read original published novels.  But is Fanfiction a waste of time? Is it for […]


Blogging: 10 Things I Learned From My First Year


Whew! I’ve been blogging for a whole year? What? Craziness. It’s been an amazing ride. The benefit of starting a blog as simple as mine has touched all aspects of my life. Its become my favorite outlet. A way to share my knowledge. I’ve connected with new, amazing people.I’m even a better Fiction writer now that […]


10 Ways To Refresh Your Writing Process


It’s officially post-NaNoWriMo 2015, and my writing process is feeling a little stale. I imagine I’m not the only one. While having a consistent routine and rhythm is definitely a great thing, it’s easy to get distracted and crave a little change in the monotony. Maybe your routine is fine, but your creative muse is […]


Battling Anxiety With Creativity – My Personal Journey

battling anxiety with nicole lautore

I do a lot of lists on this blog. Mostly because lists break up the information in a way that is easy for the reader to remember. I know you have little extra time on your hands, as do I, so I usually want to share my knowledge with you in the quickest way possible. […]


The Ups and Downs of Week 2 – NaNoWriMo Q&A and Top Resources


I gotta be honest with you, writing this blog post took a lot of push on my part. I have no interest to type another word. I would rather be napping or resting my tired fingers. Writing my current work in progress is pretty much taking up all of my brain power as of late. […]


5 Snappy Comebacks To Silence Your Inner Critic

snappy-comebacks-for-your-inner-critic-nicole-lautore (2)

We all have one. Or many. Inner critics are the bane of a creative person’s existence. Imagine how many things you could have already accomplished in your life if you just ignored that nagging voice? If you kept pushing when he told you to stop? Imagine the possibilities. I do. My inner critic can get […]


Why I Quit Pantsing – The Beginning of A Two Month Plotting Adventure


Welcome to the blog of a chronic pantser, it’s nice to meet you! If you don’t know what a pantser is…here is a little definition that the kind folks of Google let me borrow: A pantser is someone who, “flies by the seat of their pants,” meaning they don’t plan out anything, or plan very little.  […]


The Top 10 Songs On My Writing Playlist (With Videos)


Hey there! I’d like to share with you my current writing playlist today. This list is constantly changing, as I have a short attention span and need to hear new sounds every few weeks. However, these are some of my favorite songs right now to pump through the headphones while I write. You should know […]



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