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How To Break Up With Writers Block For Good


Have you ever had that burning itch to write, but you couldn’t quite bring yourself to do it? There’s a story in your head, a little idea, a tiny spark – but nothing ignites when you pick up your pen. Nothing satisfies. Or maybe you know you have the words on your fingertips, but life is just […]


Here’s How Your Inner Child Can Improve Your Writing


I am the most childish/mature person you’ve ever met. That’s an oxymoron, but I’ll explain. I had a very short childhood. A great one, but a short one. While my parents tried to give me everything in the world to make growing up the best it could be, things happened to me out of their […]


10 Easy Graphic Design Hacks for Non-Designers


Hey there! Welcome, we’re going to talk about design today! Good graphics can make or break your online presence. It can be the difference between master and amateur, just within a few pictures. You may think it’s innocent to slap a messy picture on your Blog or Twitter, with blurry photos and crumpled comic sans […]


The Top 5 Ways Writers Can Use Pinterest


We went over Twitter Tips for Writers but I am here to tell you that Pinterest is just as great of a resource. In fact, it is the perfect place for your writer brand to thrive. A study by Ahology has shown 83 percent of active users prefer to follow a brand than a notable celebrity. That […]


How Can One Simple Technique Enrich Your Imagination?


Featured –  Faye from The imagination is a writer’s playground. Spending so many hours dreaming up new ideas, new characters and new stories is part of being a writer. It’s possible, however, to become too caught up in your own thoughts, too wrapped up in your daydreams—and that can in fact have a detrimental […]



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