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Hey there! Welcome. I hope you’re having a great day so far, and enjoying all the #1LineWed posts on Twitter. Today I want to take the opportunity to do my first Currently blog post. What that means is I’m going to ramble on about what’s going on in my life right now, which happens to include a rebranding for this blog, as well as some insight on the Fantasy novel I’m writing.

Let’s jump right in:

I. This blog is about to take a turn.

I was scrolling through Twitter when an idea hit me. It smacked me right in the face and knocked me clear off my feet. I plan on basing my entire blog around this idea. I will even go so far as to say it’s my new mission: Let writers be writers. What I mean by this is, you don’t have time for marketing. You barely have enough time to write. You don’t have time to worry about your brand, to Tweet every five minutes, to research, to edit, to change your underwear. (Okay, I hope you have time for that.) But you know exactly what I mean.

The truth of it is, you are constantly being told what it means to be a writer. You are struggling to just write the book, but to become a marketer, an editor, a salesperson, all at once…it’s just too much. My new mission is to provide you with QUICK, EASY, PAINLESS marketing tips. I want to waste as little of your time as possible. I also want to teach you how to manage your platforms without wasting precious writing time. This is who I am rebranding myself to be. It will be slight changes here and there, but it will make a big difference in how much I can help you.

Sound fair?

I’m pretty excited about it, so my thoughts have been all wrapped up in it. Why does this process have to be so exhausting? It doesn’t. I also want to make this a creative safe haven. I want writers to come to this site knowing they will leave inspired and informed. Fresh. I want to focus on your mindset, your well being, and your dreams. I have struggled with anxiety and touches of depression. I want to help other writers strangle those feelings and be free to create. That’s the direction, I hope you’re on board.

II. I failed Camp Nanowrimo

Yeah, I don’t have a single excuse for why this happened, but if it were a test, I got a big fat F. I’m not dwelling on it, though. Just looking forward. I got quite a bit of writing done, despite not hitting my goal. My issue is that my story changes a lot, and I find myself doing what you shouldn’t do and re-writing. *Slaps own hand* I’m working on that.

III. I’m working on a YA Fantasy 

I’ve had this idea in my head for so long it’s starting to feel unoriginal. My main purpose is to write a Fantasy novel about a young girl with the ability to manipulate life force. Depending on what kind of SciFi you’re in to, this could directly translate to Aether manipulation. That’s pretty much exactly what it is. Essentially, mankind leaks through the cracks into the Faerie world, destroying everything in their path. My protagonist uses her life force manipulation to restore the land, but it isn’t good enough. She spends the first novel discovering how to turn herself into a weapon, and enduring some serious family and personal struggle.

That’s the gist. I have molded my love for YA Fantasy, with my fascination of Irish folklore, and got this feisty little red haired teen who wants to conquer the world (and female protag stereotypes).

The main thing that holds back my writing is too much inner criticism, and not enough time spent with my butt in the chair. Even as I write now, I can hear the little voice in the back of my head that whispers, “It’s not good enough.” I’m telling you this, because I know you hear this voice too. I talk about it more in my Conquering Self-Doubt Post. I try to remember how important this is to me. How badly I want to see my name on the cover of a book. How passionate I am about offering an escape to young readers. And sometimes, the doubt dissolves.

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you thought of my Currently post, and what you’ve been working on this month. 🙂 Happy Writing! 



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  1. Love the new direction you’re going to take the blog in! Some sort of 1-action-per-day course, or other little bits that make a difference, would indeed be fabulous for us writers who are often balancing other things with out words. And I’m sorry to hear you didn’t win Camp NaNo, but hey, at least words happened. And hmm, your YA fantasy sounds like it has potential — hope to hear more of it on the blog!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Alyssa! I’m glad you’re excited about the new direction. And yes, it will DEFINITELY be baby steps. 🙂

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